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News & Insights

News & Insights



Report: Austin Data Council 2024

The recent Data Council Conference in Austin hosted a dedicated audience focused on managing the technical demands of running massive data-driven services. Attendees came from behemoths like Airbnb, eBay, and Wayfair, as well as representatives from startups that support, accelerate, and anticipate the growth of these massive firms. In the

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WFH and 24/7/365 Work

It has been a couple of years since the global lockdown and since then the world of work has changed forever. Working from home (WFH) is no longer confined to just freelancers and is now a fact of life for 13% of full-time employees and another 28% who now work under

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Evolve or Die

The principle of continuous improvement is fundamental to the growth and success of all businesses, but none more so than online information services. Our services are essentially a suite of connected applications that work in unison to perform complex processes and as such they require constant auditing and diligence to

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The distribution of work around the globe, what is generally called ‘outsourcing’, has been a fact of life in the information business for a long time. More recently though, information companies have taken an interest in applying the employment rules, climate change targets, and other sustainability goals that are in

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The combination of Open AI tools and a gargantuan snapshot of the Internet circa 2021 (i.e., “GPT”) seemed interesting at first, but it’s not. It’s transformational. Like the “World Wide Web“ transformational. For those of us in the world of premium online information services we wade through a _lot_ of

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Data Confidence

Over the past decade we have seen a phenomenal rise in the usage of high-end business-to-business information and regulatory compliance services. We predicted that this rise in these data-driven applications would require super-accurate data inputs and our massive growth since then has borne out that analysis. Along the way we

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The ROI for marketing automation software demands that the underlying databases being used have robust firmographic data so company records can be searched by size. These size-indicating datapoints have typically either been annual revenues or the total number of employees and in both cases it helps accurate targeting to have

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‘Meta’ Data

The corporate name change of Facebook to ‘Meta’ is a refreshingly honest approach to the company’s business model. FB derives billions in revenues by trading free image storage space for invaluable metadata on your friends, your birthday, your location, and (yikes) your browsing histories that allow the delivery of frighteningly

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The Virtuous Circle

In the beginning, the heaviest users of online information services were librarians. For several decades now these ‘power-users’ have had incredible insight into how frequently and in what specific ways their end-users were using the electronic tools the librarians purchased for them. Librarians leveraged this information to inform their purchasing

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Why Consultants Suck

Do you need to “discover new growth avenues and gain a competitive edge through data solution initiatives and innovative B2B/B2C apps”? If you do, then there is a bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn that is being privatized and I bet these consultants can get you in on the ground floor

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