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News & Insights

News & Insights


The information business never stops evolving. Join us in the front row seats of that evolution.

New media types emerge, new mechanisms are invented to govern these new media, and laws are enacted to prevent the misuse of personal data and the distortion of official information. Behind the scenes the technology that processes and distributes information is also always evolving, making it a challenge for information services to keep up with the pace of the innovation. 

At IEI we develop and apply industry best practices related to data acquisition, privacy concerns, data provenance, etc. so our customers can stay ahead of the curve in this dynamic environment. 

Our ‘Data Content Best Practices’ email newsletter, archived below, highlights the pressing issues that information services face and explains how our industry’s most innovative players are navigating these challenges.

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Scaling With Soul

Our first customer was an account-based marketing consultant from San Francisco who launched an online information service for senior marketing execs trying to ...
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Report: Austin Data Council 2024

The recent Data Council Conference in Austin hosted a dedicated audience focused on managing the technical demands of running massive data-driven services. Attendees ...
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WFH and 24/7/365 Work

It has been a couple of years since the global lockdown and since then the world of work has changed forever. Working from ...
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Process Re-Engineering

Evolve or Die

The principle of continuous improvement is fundamental to the growth and success of all businesses, but none more so than online information services. ...
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The distribution of work around the globe, what is generally called ‘outsourcing’, has been a fact of life in the information business for ...
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The combination of Open AI tools and a gargantuan snapshot of the Internet circa 2021 (i.e., “GPT”) seemed interesting at first, but it’s ...
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Have a data challenge? IEI has probably seen it, analyzed it and solved it before.

Keep on top of the information industry 
with our ‘Data Content Best Practices’ newsletter:

Keep on top of the information industry with our ‘Data Content Best Practices’ newsletter: