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News & Insights

News & Insights

Why Consultants Suck

Do you need to “discover new growth avenues and gain a competitive edge through data solution initiatives and innovative B2B/B2C apps”? If you do, then there is a bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn that is being privatized and I bet these consultants can get you in on the ground floor of that opportunity.

 So why do consultants suck so much? Is it the gibberish? The condescension? The sheer laziness? The greed? There are so many reasons it’s hard to pick just one. Here are the red flags I have learned to recognize over the years about guns for hire and whether they are worth retaining: 1) Do they have a track record of successfully performing the tasks you require? 2) In your first meeting did they listen to you carefully and send you a summary of what you discussed to confirm that you were all on the same page?3) Are they willing to do a “proof-of-concept” for you to demonstrate that they can execute their ideas and are willing to put some “skin in the game”?4) Is their pricing model either a) Big upfront retainer, b) “How much have you got?”, c) 5% less than whatever firm doing the work now is charging?, or d) Mystery Door Number 4? If you see any of these warning signs, then you are dealing with garden variety weasels and you should move on quickly.  And what are the green lights indicating a good consultant you ask? I’d boil it down to these factors:– Recommendations from your colleagues in non-competitive businesses. – The firm’s web site makes sense and isn’t a word salad of buzz words.– Your initial interactions demonstrate a clear understanding of your needs by the firm.– They clearly explain their pricing model.  That’s it. It’s not rocket science and if they make it sound that way then it’s time to look for the door.

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