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News & Insights

News & Insights


Big Data

Ground Truth

During this pandemic, the value of accurate data has never been more obvious. Without reliable information derived from the mountains of data being generated by fast-moving events the actions necessary to slow the outbreak are impossible to make. From the data-gathering process to the intelligent analysis of that data by

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2017 Data Trends

The last year was a busy one for those of us in the data trenches and 2017 is shaping up to be even more so. Here are the trends that we think will shape the world of data acquisition and management in 2017. Chatbots What started as chat-based customer service

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When businesses began to use their corporate web sites for more than just “brochure-ware,” they opened up a world of opportunities to streamline communications with customers, employees, investors, and suppliers. Corporate web sites today can include RFP tender portals, product spec and pricing databases, and customer service portals with real-time

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Features v. Intent

by Matt Manning For the information industry, the question of customers’ return on investment in data subscriptions and licenses is an existential one: without a clear ROI, renewal rates go down and information services wither away (see The Importance of Being Used). A corollary to being able to My earned

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Inside Open Data

At IEI, we’re intimately familiar with the “demand side” of public information. It’s rare, though, that we get a glimpse of the issues facing public sector managers on the front lines of supplying that information. That’s just what we got when we were asked to participate in the City of

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Data Trends 2014

The recent DataContent track at the BIMS conference in Miami last week pointed to some very clear trends in data product development. Here are some of the memes we’re likely to hear a lot more about in 2015. Predictive Analytics: The ability to predict who is in the market to

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A Must Read for C-Suite Selling

A defining skill of top performing sales reps is the ability to gain access to and effectively communicate with the decision makers in the C-Suite. A new e-book Best Practices for C-Suite Selling, published by Boardroom Insiders, is a great primer for all aspiring top performers and sales leaders. At

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Technology Spotlight: Enlyton

IEI runs monitoring campaigns against data feeds to identify personnel updates, product launches, and other events that are “triggers” for updates to one of our customer’s databases using Enlyton, a new enterprise search tool that uses mathematical indexing to match search terms against data sets. Implementation involves: defining what datasets

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Open and Closed

The models for information services are based on two basic revenue streams: advertising and subscriptions. There are a few free services based on donations (a loosey-goosey form of subscription), some pay-per-use services (a limited form of “subscription”), and a lot of services that blend the two streams in different proportions.

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The Rise of Data Literacy

On November 20th, 2013, Ian Greenleigh, social media and content strategist and author of The Social Media Side Door, addressed an audience of Austin businesspeople, students, and academics at the UT iSchool for the inaugural SIIA INFO Local: Austin event. IEI’s Matt Manning chatting with Ian Greenleigh before the presentation.

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