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News & Insights

News & Insights



Force Multipliers

The rise of the agile workforce – where freelancers, “cloud labor,” and business process outsourcing firms augment the work of full-time employees– has given many types of companies a way to be more productive with lower operational expenses for salaries, rent, and benefits. Information services and other data-driven firms in

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General Directive on Panicking Right Now (GDPR)

Like the aria of a grand European opera, the hype surrounding the imminent implementation of GDPR* has reached a fevered crescendo. Now that the GDPR deadline (May 25th) has passed, it’s worth taking a moment to cut through the fog of frenzied activity to take a realistic look at where

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Fill In The Blanks

When your company’s product is a database information service you are familiar with having “holes” in your offering. Must-have fields are populated 100% of the time, “need to have” fields are 95% complete, and there is a slippery slope of “nice to have” fields like URLs, phone numbers, and email

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Disintermediation: Part 2

In Part 1 of this post I discussed the possibility of content aggregators becoming less viable as the corporate and government owners of large valuable datasets start making their data available directly, free-of-charge, and/or via new cooperative aggregation models. In Part 2 I look at the rise of corporate content.

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Disintermediation: Part 1

When the Worldwide Web was born in the 1990s, there was a lot of talk about disintermediation. The removal of layers of intermediaries—middlemen, that is—in marketplaces and other commercial processes would lead to fewer handoffs and price mark-ups. The resulting efficiencies would redound to the all-important end-users, making their lives

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Databases v. Reality

Updating an existing database (either CRM data or a data product) is a never-ending job that most people would like to avoid. We built Information Evolution primarily to address publishers’ need to keep on top of the shifting technology trends that can make this expensive and often thankless task as

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Data as Currency

The idea that you, as an individual person or as a company, should be able to control information about yourself on the Internet has been around since the commercialization of the Web, but it does seem to be gaining more mindshare recently. The New York Times’ small business blog recently

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Creative Destruction

Products and services in all markets almost universally, sooner or later, reach a market penetration plateau. Once this limit is reached, there are only a few options when it comes to gaining market share: slow incremental growth at a significant cost; the acquisition of competing brands; and, the creation of

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Crowdsourced Data Collection

The buzz about crowdsourcing continues to get louder every day. The crowd can now, it seems, handle a range of tasks including journalism, design, and even filmmaking. If you’ve been asked to look into crowdsourcing as a way to stretch your budget and haven’t tried it before, however, you’ve probably

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The Golden Age of the “House Organ”

I was once the publisher of the Standard Periodical Directory and that database of magazines, newspapers, journals, and newsletters had a category called “house organs” to cover the in-house publications of corporations and nonprofits. These publications were full of group shots at picnics and United Way events with helpful notices

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