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The Human in the Loop

by Kevin Dodds After half a decade of ever-increasing crowdsourcing volume, IEI has decided to put crowd-centered technology at the center of everything we do. This doesn’t mean that we now only use external crowd workers ‑ on the contrary, ... Read more

Tackling the Blockers

by Matt Manning These days, advertising technology (both serving and blocking) is generating a lot of discussion. Most falls into two categories: “I Hate Ads” and “Publishers are Screwed.” Both approaches add zero to the very real discussions about new ... Read more

The Reality API

by Matt Manning A few years ago, I spoke of a promised land of interlocking APIs aggregating disparate yet authoritative sources of information, so that information services could provide up-to-the-minute data accuracy. If a corporate office were to move or ... Read more

The Un-Database

by Rajiv Manickam NoSQL data stores have become more popular as a means of handling the petabytes of data created by user-generated content, GIS data, and the traffic logs of high-volume websites and apps. By storing data in “documents” with ... Read more

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