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The Crowded Call Center

by Kevin Dodds It’s expensive to staff a call center with full-time, highly trained callers. There are also substantial upfront and ongoing costs for technology—routing, dialers, headsets, etc. When you add the fact that projects are often seasonal and need both lightning-fast execution and high-quality results, managing telephone-based projects can seem almost impossible. Crowdsourcing has the potential to change all that. Using the latest crowdsourcing platform technology from WorkFusion, we at IEI have been able to successfully use the crowd ... Read more

Buying Intention

by Matt Manning Information services have traditionally sold access to their own readers or subscribers under a pretty simple premise: we get X thousand qualified “prospect” eyeballs in one place and a tiny percentage of them will reach out to purchase something. This model shifted to a more “pay-per-performance” basis with the digital era, but it was still a matter of selling to a certain number of qualified prospects who took an action—clicking, reading a whitepaper, attending a webinar, etc.—to ... Read more

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