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The Crowd Within

by Kevin Dodds Crowdsourcing can be a difficult concept to understand. The rise of “private” crowds would seem to muddy the waters even further, but this emerging phenomenon is worth a closer look. Workers participating in labor marketplaces like the Amazon Mechanical Turk or eLance are members of “public” crowds that almost anyone can join. These workers are independent and do any task that suits their abilities from wherever they happen to be. A first attempt at posting a crowdsourcing ... Read more

Austin & Innovation

by Matt Manning People often ask me about the Austin ‘recipe’ that has created such a remarkable environment for innovation here in Central Texas. The recent “Chasing Greatness” thought leadership speaker series held by Spredfast and Google last week offered some clues to this with their excellent panel of Austin innovators. Here are some highlights of what is happening from the inside of a couple of Austin’s smartest and fastest growing firms: Cotter Cunningham is Founder, President and CEO of ... Read more

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