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Supporting Academic Innovation

by Matt Manning Information Evolution has been a proud donor to the University of Texas School of Information, once their “library school,” for the past four years. We’d like everyone reading this post to consider joining us in supporting their ... Read more

Dumpster Diving for Data

by Matt Manning CRM databases are full of bad, old data. The garbage continues to accrue over time getting worse as new files from purchased lists are added, acquired firms’ CRM files are merged, and salespeople keep adding their Rolodexes ... Read more

IEI’s 2016 Annual Meet

Information Evolution Inc. celebrated almost nine years of producing accurate, timely data for our customers and the talented employees who make it all possible. Here are some highlights:

Cloud Labor

by Kevin Dodds Many businesspeople fear that crowdsourcing – or cloud labor – poses a threat to US jobs and thus our economy. In fact, the opposite is true. Using crowdsourcing to take care of time-consuming research, data collection, and ... Read more

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