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Data Trends 2014

by Matt Manning The recent DataContent track at the BIMS conference in Miami last week pointed to some very clear trends in data product development. Here are some of the memes we’re likely to hear a lot more about in 2015. Predictive Analytics: The ability to predict who is in the market to buy different types of products and services is truly coming of age. Cooperative models like MadisonLogic let members overlay their customer data with aggregate data from other ... Read more

Crowdsourced v. User-Generated

by Kevin Dodds Large media companies are moving away from paying in-house staff to create proprietary online content and favoring two lower-cost models for content creation — user-generated content (UGC) and crowdsourcing-generated content (CGC). Since these two approaches are often confused with each other, it’s worth looking more closely at the real differences between them. UGC is just that: ancillary content (ratings, reviews, etc.) provided free of charge to content-driven sites by users. CGC is where paid crowd workers create ... Read more

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