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Data Day Recap

by Selene Arrazolo The Data Day Texas conference in Austin once again brought together hundreds of folks in the Texas big data community for one data-filled day. Here are the presentations that we thought were “best of show.” Lisa Green, Director of Common Crawl, discussed the challenges of capturing open data at web scale. Her talk touched on the difficulty behind the lack of standards for formatting and interoperability as well as the amazing wealth of open data now available ... Read more

Whither D&B?

by Matt Manning The recent news that Dun & Bradstreet purchased data-dealer turned data management service provider NetProspex further advances two seemingly contradictory corporate storylines for the B2B data industry’s bellwether. This may be another in D&B’s string of acquisitions designed to buy the company’s way into the future. Or, this could be a case of D&B eliminating competitors who resell competitive sources of baseline company data. So which is it? Previous D&B acquisitions like Hoover’s, Fliptop, and Indicee were ... Read more

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