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The Evolution of IEI

by Matt Manning We started IEI in 2007 with a simple premise: To help the folks running online information services make sure their data were never out of date so their clients always had a great user experience. After almost ... Read more

Searching for Search Innovation

by Matt Manning It’s been 20 years since Internet search was “born,” and searching the Web is still pretty much the same as it was in 1995. Dubious sources of information are not weighted to be “worse” than accurate sources. ... Read more

Legal Limbo

by Matt Manning Our society’s move to digital has given rise to enormous uncertainty in legal quarters. Specifically, the ownership of information has never been more unclear at a time when we’re inundated with ever-increasing volumes of data. We got ... Read more

A Predilection for Prediction

by Matt Manning The move to marketing automation platforms, “lead scoring” (prioritizing sales prospect records based on data analysis of your customer base), and predictive analytics (pure data-driven decision-making) is shifting the very foundation of the information industry. Publishers could ... Read more

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