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The Taxman Crawleth

by Matt Manning A recent article in the SF Chronicle gave a vivid, very visual, demonstration of the power access to “public” data can have in municipal policy debates. The story covered companies that match buyers and sellers of services often heavily taxed by municipalities: taxis and hotels. Specifically, it looked at their impact on municipal tax coffers and public policy goals. San Francisco residents, like those in many major metro areas, are concerned about their neighbors turning into de ... Read more

Time for Real-Time

by Matt Manning We built Information Evolution to pursue the holy grail of database ownership: true real-time accuracy in a world where databases degrade at a rapid pace. A lofty goal, but today we do see cases where large-scale monitoring systems come within spitting distance of making this goal a reality. The methodology—harvesting-monitoring-updating—is conceptually very simple. It does, however, take significant upfront investments and offshore resources to pull it off. First of all, you need to identify the sources of ... Read more

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