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Legal Limbo

by Matt Manning Our society’s move to digital has given rise to enormous uncertainty in legal quarters. Specifically, the ownership of information has never been more unclear at a time when we’re inundated with ever-increasing volumes of data. We got ... Read more

A Predilection for Prediction

by Matt Manning The move to marketing automation platforms, “lead scoring” (prioritizing sales prospect records based on data analysis of your customer base), and predictive analytics (pure data-driven decision-making) is shifting the very foundation of the information industry. Publishers could ... Read more

Return on Information

by Matt Manning For all the talk about the value of accurate data, few of us are making the effort to calculate the true and total cost of keeping data up-to-date and making it ever richer. Real-time updates, data overlays, ... Read more

Metastasizing Metadata

by Matt Manning What happens when you have more metadata for a database record than there are fields of data in the original record itself? If you’re like almost every other company in the world you don’t have to imagine ... Read more

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