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Technology Spotlight: Springcreek Systems

by Selene Arrazolo IEI is pleased to announce its latest technology partnership with Austin-based data matching firm Springcreek Systems. Founded by two former Dell employees who noted the company’s struggle with matching issues, Springcreek offers an effective tool for matching and deduplicating data. With Springcreek’s matching system, IEI now offers quicker, more accurate data disambiguation. Recently, we cleaned some mailing lists for a client concerned about duplicating marketing efforts and losing credibility with leads, and were able to deliver a ... Read more

The Importance of Being Used

by Jim Currie Driving usage for online subscription products or SaaS offerings makes the difference between long-term success and a slow, painful failure. Savvy publishers are therefore spending more and more time and money to ensure the kind of heavy usage that leads to strong renewal rates and a truly sustainable business. Usage is primarily a function of easy-to-use interfaces and how necessary the product is (is it “must-have” or “nice-to-have”?). Most products, of course, exist in a middle ground. ... Read more

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