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IEI Evolves

After eight years of growth, Information Evolution has moved to newer, larger facilities in South India. We’ve combined our two Coimbatore offices and moved them to the state-of-the-art Tidel Park Special Economic Zone (SEZ) facility near Coimbatore International Airport. This ... Read more

Disintermediation: Part 2

by Matt Manning In Part 1 of this post I discussed the possibility of content aggregators becoming less viable as the corporate and government owners of large valuable datasets start making their data available directly, free-of-charge, and/or via new cooperative ... Read more

Disintermediation: Part 1

by Matt Manning When the Worldwide Web was born in the 1990s, there was a lot of talk about disintermediation. The removal of layers of intermediaries—middlemen, that is—in marketplaces and other commercial processes would lead to fewer handoffs and price ... Read more

Pricing Algorithms

by Matt Manning Around 40 years ago, airline companies established pricing models that were some of the first to use their competitors’ published pricing data to set their own product pricing in real-time. Airlines added data on seating availability—i.e., popularity—into ... Read more

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