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Metastasizing Metadata

by Matt Manning What happens when you have more metadata for a database record than there are fields of data in the original record itself? If you’re like almost every other company in the world you don’t have to imagine ... Read more

Inside Open Data

At IEI, we’re intimately familiar with the “demand side” of public information. It’s rare, though, that we get a glimpse of the issues facing public sector managers on the front lines of supplying that information. That’s just what we got ... Read more

IEI Evolves

After seven years of growth, Information Evolution is moving to newer, larger facilities in South India. We’re combining our two Coimbatore offices and moving them to the state-of-the-art Tidel Park Special Economic Zone (SEZ) facility near Coimbatore International Airport. This ... Read more

Born Open

The open data movement is a juggernaut. In the years since the Freedom of Information Act, citizens have come to expect access to public information of all kinds in the easiest, fastest possible way. At first, federal government agencies struggled ... Read more

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