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Crowdsourced v. User-Generated

by Kevin Dodds Large media companies are moving away from paying in-house staff to create proprietary online content and favoring two lower-cost models for content creation — user-generated content (UGC) and crowdsourcing-generated content (CGC). Since these two approaches are often confused with each other, it’s worth looking more closely at the real differences between them. UGC is just that: ancillary content (ratings, reviews, etc.) provided free of charge to content-driven sites by users. CGC is where paid crowd workers create ... Read more

The Taxman Crawleth

by Matt Manning A recent article in the SF Chronicle gave a vivid, very visual, demonstration of the power access to “public” data can have in municipal policy debates. The story covered companies that match buyers and sellers of services often heavily taxed by municipalities: taxis and hotels. Specifically, it looked at their impact on municipal tax coffers and public policy goals. San Francisco residents, like those in many major metro areas, are concerned about their neighbors turning into de ... Read more

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